Friday, October 4, 2013


 Anne Greene here. Now that the ACFW Conference is over, many writers will send in proposals they pitched. Before you send in that proposal, check the following. 

Is there a hook to capture the reader’s interest? 

Does the book start in the right place, at the inciting incident? Or is there too much backstory? 

Are the hero and heroine vivid, likeable characters? Do they come alive? Is there opportunity for them to change and grow? Is there only one point of view for each scene? 

Is there conflict? 

Does the pacing flow well enough to keep the reader engrossed? 

Does the dialogue sound natural, realistic, build characterization, and move the story forward. Does the dialogue match the characters? 

Are the secondary characters believable, and are they needed? 

Is the time and setting established so the reader feels they are there? 

Did the writer show and not tell? 

Did the writer avoid dead verbs and use active verbs? 

Did the writer include interior monologue rather than direct thoughts? 

Did the writer RUE? Explaining insults the reader. 

If you, the writer, missed on any of these points, an editor may well throw your manuscript into her rejection pile. 

If you’ve covered all these points and have a compelling concept, the editor may continue reading.  

Don’t send your manuscript out before it is ready to go!!! You’ve only this one chance before this editor.


  1. Great advice, Anne. Even those who are multi-published would do well to check their proposals along these line. Thanks.

  2. Excellent points - I might add - have a critter go through it before you send it off too. I've a lot to thank my critter for and going through my proposal first was one of the biggies. GOOD CATCHES.

    1. Yes, I will add that one to my lesson next time I post it somewhere. I love my critters too.

  3. Anne, very nice post and excellent points!

  4. Hi Jude, nice of you to visit! I hope it was helpful.

  5. Hi Anne, thanks so much for these helpful points. What a great time to post these.

  6. Thanks, Jackie, I really do hope they helped. I'm praying for your submission.