Friday, November 1, 2013


Before our fun Halloween Blog Hop I talked with you about body language for our characters so you can show rather than tell. Here are some more gestures you might want to incorporate with your characters. 

BOREDOM: The hand supporting the head to stop from falling asleep. The onset of boredom usually begins by the chin being supported by the thumb. As the character becomes more and more bored, the chin becomes supported by the fist, and then full-blown when the head is supported by the entire hand. 

IMPATIENCE: Drumming the fingers on a table or nearby surface and tapping the feet signal the character wants action now. The faster one taps, the more impatient the character has become. 

EVALUATION: An index finger on the cheek shows the character is thinking or trying to make a decision. The chin stroke also shows evaluation as does a thumb beneath the chin and index finger on the chin.  

NEGATIVE DECISION: Character sits back in their chair with crossed arms and legs means a negative decision has been made. 

POSITIVE DECISION: Character strokes chin and then leans forward with arms open or picks up something you’ve offered shows the character has agreed with your proposition. 

STALLING: If a character doesn’t want to make a decision, he or she will put a pen or a finger in their mouth to signal he is unsure. If the character is a smoker, he’s take a puff.  

DEJECTION: Sitting with shoulders slumped and head supported by the hand. 

Most of the above are negative gestures. Next week our discuss body language that reveals ONE PERSON IS ATTRACTED TO ANOTHER. 

Which of the above gestures are new to you and will be something you can use in your writing? LEAVE A COMMENT. Or ASK A QUESTION. 

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  1. This really helps to show rather than tell!

  2. Hi Anne, the negative and positive decision gestures are something I can use. I'll keep those in mind when I'm writing. Thanks for the tips! Wendy Davy

  3. Thanks Anne. I am getting started writing and it is so helpful to have professional advise right from the start.
    I know I will be referring to your helpful teachings a lot.
    Mary Johnson

  4. Fantastic to see you here, Mary! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad these lessons are helpful.

  5. Hi, thanks for this! You asked if these work while dating....I don't remember, but I know they'll work with my husband ;) Thanks.

  6. Hi Susan, Yep, they do work with men. Great to know isn't it?