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LINDA KOZAR, I’m so happy to feature you on my blog for this CAN Scavenger Hunt. What book are we featuring today?

WEIGHTY MATTERS, Book 6 in my Until The Fat Ladies Sing cozy mystery collection. 

When a traveling circus comes to Wachita, Texas, bad things begin to happen under the Big Top. Super-sized sleuths, Sue Jan and Lovita take to the tents to track a crazy clown killer, even though Lovita is fixing to give birth in a few short weeks. Then a scary Sasquatch is sighted in the Wachita woods, attracting a TV news reporter, a Bigfoot investigative team, and a reality show film crew. The townsfolk are shaking in their cowboy boots but Sue Jan and Lovita aren’t clowning around. 

What encouraged you to write this story?
I've always been fascinated with circuses and terrified of clowns. So of course, I had to write a mystery involving a circus and a creepy clown. Plus, my characters Sue Jan and Lovita are a hoot. I miss them when I'm not writing about them. It's like we're friends. When you write a series, you really feel like you know your characters. Gosh, maybe that clown isn't so weird. Maybe I am!  

I know our readers will want to know more about you. Please tell us a bit about your family.
I've been married to my sweet husband Michael for 27 years. He works for ExxonMobil. We have two beautiful daughters and a feisty JRT named Gypsy. My oldest daughter Katie is married to Dan, a Baptist pastor. Katie graduated from Baylor with a masters in social work and is employed as a behavioral interventionist in the public school system in Waco. Dan graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business from A&M and received his Masters in Seminary at Baylor. My youngest daughter, Lauren graduated from UNT, did an internship at NBC in LA, then returned to Texas and did an internship at The Richards Group, a Dallas ad agency, and they hired her a few months later in public relations/digital journalism.

I love my family and do not put my writing before them. That said, I do believe in boundaries. If I needed a block of time to write, I expected my family to respect that. Did that always happen? No. But I don't regret closing my laptop and offering my shoulder to a tearful teen or going to the movies with my husband. I love writing and they all know it. So hopefully, you'll be reading a lot more from me in the coming years. I have so many ideas for great stories! 

What are some of the things you like to do for fun?
Oil painting is really relaxing for me. Also painting with acrylics. I really lose myself in the creation. Writing makes you think, but painting is different. You go with the muse of the moment. I like it. However, since we got a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, the word, "relax" isn't part of my daily life much any more. Gypsy is going on ten months now and a bundle of energy and mischief. I haven't been able to paint much. I have enjoyed a bit of crafting though. My oldest daughter Katie and her husband Dan asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I asked them to finish a project for me. Turned out to be the best gift ever! A friend down the street replaced one of her large brass and glass lanterns with a chandelier, so I asked her for the lantern. I decided to make a terrarium out of it and fill it with succulents. They did it for me! And I was overjoyed. Check out the photo of it! 

How many books do you have out now?
Fourteen and counting. I am traditionally and independently published. I write fiction and nonfiction. Everything from devotions and anthologies to cozy mysteries, historical romance, contemporary romance, speculative fiction.

Please give us the first page of the book.

Weighty Matters
Chapter One
Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus 

“Did you hear?” Breathless, my best friend and business partner, Sue Jan Madson, burst through the door of the Crown of Glory Beauty Salon and Boutique. She tipped her head down, hands on her knees, panting. “Lovita, d-did you hear?” Sue Jan looked up, eyes wild with excitement.
“Hear what?” I flicked off the blow dryer, my last nerve standing on end.

Now, normally, I’m supposed to handle the boutique part of the Crown of Glory Beauty Shop and Boutique, with the pretty dresses and shoes and purses and such, but when the need arises, everyone knows I step in to do blowouts, cuts, and color. Even Homecoming and Prom Do’s. And this morning, as usual, the need arose.

Sue Jan messaged that she had some sort of “errand” to do on the way to work, so I wound up doing the whole shebang for her new nitpicky client, Mrs. Barlow.

“The circus is coming to Wachita!” Sue Jan batted the air as if an invisible piñata would dispense goodies.

I sniffed, which rhymes with miffed, which I was. “Is it ‘the’ circus, or ‘a’ circus? There’s more than one circus in the world, you know.”

Sue Jan stuck her tongue out. “Don’t be all uppity with your language smarts, Lovita. ‘A’ circus is coming to town tomorrow! It’s called ‘More Deck Eye’s Circus and Slideshow, and we’re going!” She reached into her purse and pulled out a small bag of boiled peanuts, cracking a few open at lightning speed.

I was about to address her use of the word “Slideshow” instead of “Sideshow” when Sue Jan’s pesky client spoke up.

“A circus?” Mrs. Barlow, a sixtyish, salt-and-peppery-haired woman with a beak where a nose should have been, suddenly perked up.  “What kind of circus would come to this town? The only kind of circus this ‘one-hearse town’ would attract is a flea circus.” She swiped her nose across her sleeve. 

Where can the readers find you on the Internet?
Linda’s Website: 
Along Came A Writer Radio Show: 
Babes With A Beatitude Blog:
Bookish Desires Blog: 
Cozy Mystery Magazine Blog:

I’m so glad to have read your funny, quirky first page of your latest book, Weighty Matters. That little taste certainly makes me want to read more! And it was so enjoyable getting to know you a little. Thank you so much for visiting on my blog. For new visitors, my bio and latest book is below. Be sure to look for the SECRET PHRASE.


ANNE GREENE delights in writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. Her Women of Courage Series spotlights heroic women of World War II, with the first book Angel With Steel Wings available. Enjoy her private investigating series, Handcuffed In Texas by reading the first book, Holly Garden, PI, Red is for Rookie. Visit Anne at

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Anne’s latest book, Red Is For Rookie highlights Private Investigator Holly Garden. PI’s don’t usually track kidnappers, but Matt is Holly’s lifelong friend. During the race to save him, Holly discovers Matt’s in love with her. Her mother’s convinced Holly will end up dead, so she hires a bodyguard to protect Holly. She needs Stryker’s expertise and help, but risks her heart working with the danger-loving man. With Matt and Stryker turning her life upside down, can Holly make a choice?  

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